How to Know You Picked a Bad Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

How do you know you’ve hired a bad real estate agent to sell your house? Are there telltale signs? Hiring a real estate agent that you can trust is not an easy task.

It requires quite a bit of research on your part, and it means asking some tough questions.

Most sellers do not realize these things until they discover that their agent is less than ideal. You may have a sneaking suspicion that your agent is not doing a good job. Or, you may be quite sure that the agent you hired is just plain awful.

Either way, it can be beneficial to know the signs of a terrible real estate agent, so you can hire someone better to sell your home. Some of the best home selling tips always include picking the right Realtor.

Putting a true professional in your corner will ensure the job gets done! Here are the things that the best real estate agents do for sellers. Is your agent doing these things?
9 Signs You Hired a Bad Realtor to Sell Your Home

  • The pricing of your home is way off.

The #1 reason a home does not sell is that the price is wrong. The best real estate agents understand how vital it is to price a home accurately from day one. All the marketing in the world won’t sell an overpriced listing. Overpricing a home will cause damaging effects that are hard to recover from.

Unfortunately, there are lots of bad real estate agents who will tell the seller what they want to hear just to get the listing. A real estate agent who consistently overprices homes gets a bad reputation from their peers.

Sellers on the other hand rarely know the agent does this unless they have really vetted the agent.

It is normal to trust your agent to tell you what your home is worth. It is also normal to feel like your home is worth more than it is. But it is essential to understand that a bad agent will do a terrible job of pricing homes.

If you do some research and discover that your home is valued considerably higher or lower than your agent told you, there is a big problem.

When you think that your Realtor has priced your home incorrectly, you can easily find out if you are right or not. Talk to another agent and have him or her price your home.

Better yet, talk to a few agents. You will quickly see if the pricing is relatively accurate or way off.

  • The internet marketing is terrible.

Internet marketing is the primary way that agents sell homes in today’s market. Any agent worth his or her salt is going to know how to do a decent job of marketing a home online. But there are bad agents who do a terrible job of marketing online.

They may not know how, or they may not care to do a good job. Either way, if the internet marketing is terrible, you need a new agent. I love to call these type of agents “post and pray.” They will put a sign in your yard, post your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and pray.

In other words, they do the bare minimum to sell your home. Take a look at how to market a home. An exceptional real estate agent will do all of these things to get your home sold.

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